How It Began

In 2008 I watched Travis Pastrana & the krew from The Nitro Circus riding Trek Mods though a windy suburban street. This inspired me to build a trike from a green machine and a 16″ BMX  I got from the tip. That was the start of many things to come. In the next 12 months I pieced together the parts for my golden trike and started to get some ideas about how to modify Huffy Sliders with go kart wheels and tyres.



16 thoughts on “How It Began

  1. have u spaypainted the slider

    1. yes

  2. i just love this project, i want to buy one, start biking in Norway and do this toa sport 🙂

  3. I am trying to do disc break upgrade to my slider can you please give me some insite to how it is done please an thankyou

    1. there is no real defined way of doing it except to say there needs to be clearance between the calliper and the spokes and the clamps and the disc cap screws then you need to weld a mount onto the fork leg….. HAPPY CUSTOMISING!!!

  4. Would like to know more about ur postage options for Triad Syndicate Drift Trike $499.00??.

    And do u have a shop or is it all online???

    please let me know very interested in your frame style.

    1. Shipping is Calculated in the store of the website and has all the Australia post option! There is No Store front!

  5. Hey,
    I love the info on how it all began.
    Do you have a wheel that I can buy to replace the rear wheels on my huffy green machine?

    1. yes
      we have triad wheels or kart wheels

  6. Good to see how this whole enterprise started! I got motivation from that too. Lol, freaks with everything with wheels!

  7. How can I easily set up the front wheel so I can pedal and coast ?

    1. On a budget we have V brake forks, Cartel wheels with tektro brakes or full hydraulic disc brakes as well
      We really need to know what you are assembling this pedal front end on to to best guide you in the right direction
      Please don’t hesitate to send an Email to
      cheers JB

  8. AJ sent me, just wanted to say that this is f*cking awesome, keep it up fam!!!

    1. Cheers!
      We try our hardest to help out with parts and technical advise

  9. Sweet site just purchased my self a triad now. I. Won’t one with a motor any rear end up grades available with such a thing I know the yanks do a whole version for about 2500 American bucks I just need the back end

    1. No motor kits.
      We specialise in Gravity and pedal trikes

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