Bearing set for VANGUARD wheels




Set of 4 bearings to suit triad Vanguard wheel set

  • 12mm for Triad series 1 stub axles
  • 12mm for Triad underworld-2 & Notorious-2
  • 12mm suit standard huffy slider axle
  • 12mm suit standard Crane Green and mean axle
  • 12mm suit Southern Star Slider
  • 12mm suit Mambo slidier
  • 12mm suit Airwalk Slider
  • link


  • 15mm for bigger triad upgrade axles
  • link EXTRA BIG 17mm bearings
  • 17mm bearings to fit Vanguards
  • Directly install Vanguards on your existing trike axle ( You must have 70mm of shaft length )

72433 12MM bearing set 72434 15MM bearing set

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10 x 4 x 4 cm
bearing size

12mm, 15mm, 4 x 17mm


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