On the other hand  leave a message below.

If you would like local pick up we are in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne Australia.

I will do my best to get you your products asap!

Thanks JB

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  1. hey i was just wondering if you sell any huffy slider or green machine pedal front wheels as i need one for a project im just finishing

    1. try hunter leisure they sell new ones complete with tyre and pedal cranks

      1. hey jb, i want to buy a low cut triad seat. just got my triad wheels today from you and im stoaked! just having some trouble bringing certain items up via site…please call or text, ####### mike.

      2. Hi. I wanted to know if I could come and pick up a axle upgrade kit for a huffy slider.

        1. Yes! buy appointment

      3. Hey guys. Just wondering if your still up and running and if so I’ll be grabbing an axle setup for my slider.

        Cheers, Aidan

        1. We sure are.

          1. Hi mate the bearings are 5mm wide x2 and 12mm gap between

          2. Please send email to

      4. I mate I just got a triad and I want to get a set of go kart wheels and hubs but I want a set of stretch wheels the fatest I can go how much for everything I need to do it

        1. You’ll need triad stubs and stretch package
          I have wheels coming they just need stretching
          Stay tunes maybe send us a PM on FaceBook!

          Cheers JB

      5. hello i was just wondering how i could make my triad wheels fit on my huffy slider axle, i just ordered them and they don’t fit so do you know what i could buy to fit them without a new axle

        1. The triad wheels do fit the huffy axle with spacers but not with any precision thats why I make a kit to eliminate the movement and difference in axle bearing size, the kit also increases the width of the trike as well

    2. yes I have some laying around !

    3. Hi JB, I want to purchase an 72431 49er 12mm axle kit for a Huffy slider ‘Comp’. But not sure if this is suitable. I’m just trying to get my son back on his slider, ( 10 yr old) & I don’t know much about it. I think I need the 12 mm plastic tube centring cups, but can’t see them on your site, unless opt for the longer axle. ?????

      1. I have successfully installed a Airwalk axle buy drilling out the Huffy comp plastic axle inserts and using the Triad conversion kit spacers to install the triad wheels on the 12mm axle please inquire inside the website to get availability
        Cheers JB

    4. Will u guy have any 12 mm rear axle sets in stock soon

      1. 12mm axles are obsolete but I will have some near new or 2nd hand ones to get you out of trouble

        Send me an email
        cheers JB

  2. Heey, can we buy complete custom drift trikes of this website? Or is it just parts..

    1. Just parts at this stage !

    2. yes we have Triad Trikes available now

  3. hey mate i was just wondering if you will be making up anymore of the rear end kits with the go kart wheels? pretty keen on maybe 2 or more kits?

    1. Yes! hope to have some more by the end of November

      1. looks like 2 more weeks from now! I have changed some of the materials but the axle itself is the same self retaining systems with no need to weld and comes with crush tubes to improve the mounts of the rear tube

  4. Hey I’m looking at getting into this just wanted to know what parts you would recommended to buy to make an ultimate huffy slider. Cheers

    1. products listed in this website!

    2. a 36 spoke wheel off a crane or air walk trike and Go kart wheels

  5. Hi
    My name is Eisuke Yamamoto
    I’m a supplierI of Japanese I live in Los Angeles,
    My client is very interest in your product
    They would like to sell your products in Japan
    How much is the price of wholesale?
    How many pieces is the minimum order?
    Please let me know
    Thank you
    Y’z Global.Inc
    Eisuke Yamamoto

    1. Hello and thank you for your enquiry What product are you interested in ?

      1. Hi
        Thank you for your reply
        We interested Tricycle drift
        Is a product of the second photo on the website
        How much is the price of wholesale?
        How many pieces is the minimum order?
        Please let me know
        Thank you
        Y’z Global.Inc
        Eisuke Yamamoto

  6. hi mate can you let me know when you have more rear end kits with the go kart wheels
    Can you supply a front hub with pedals???

    1. Hi Grady you are on the list to be notified when the kits come in looks like 2 weeks !,are you wanting a huffy or green n mean kit? at this stage i can not supply a pedal hub for you look out for old green machines as some of them have more spokes then the Slider

      1. Hey jb just wondering if you could please let me know when a fat bitch is in stock next


        Instagram: Zaacriedel

        1. Might be best to ask them on Facebook when they plan on manufacturing a run of them
          I’ve been asking for some time now!

  7. Just wondering when you get more stock of the complete rear axle for Huffy Sliders.
    Also, would the ‘Full Axle Kit with Brushed Mag Wheels to fit Crane Green and Mean’ Fit onto a Huffy Slider rear end??

    1. No the Aldi trike has a smaller diameter rear axle tube, but both the Slide Star kits use the same 17mm axle and retaining nut, all that changes is the Slide in tube extensions.

  8. Hey man, are there any go kart wheels in stock?

    1. there is a box in the product page indicating stock level

  9. Ahh kay, i’m very interested in coming in to have a look at the kart wheels as well as the axle and lock nuts! Would it be possible for you to email me your number and location? Thanks alot man!

    1. I am out of stock just now but you could have a look at it at the city run on friday night! in Melb CBD

  10. Hey mate just wondering when you think you’ll have more complete rear axles made up, me and a few mates are interested 🙂

    1. Hi Jye, I’ve been talking to my engineer & hope that they will be back in stock in the next two to three weeks. Glad you like the look of the product, thanks for your patience!

  11. Hi ive built a trike with kart wheels ive been using pvc that relitively thin and wears out quick its 240mm inside diameter im after thicker stuff do u guys sell it?

    1. I do not sell PVC !! sorry!

  12. Okay sweet as man if you could let me know when their in stock that would be great

  13. hey champ, just wondering if you can post products purchased off this website

    1. YES!! put products in the cart then at the bottom of the page click calculate shipping choose registered post and the price will calculate Via the Au Post plug in ….Its that EASY!!!!

      1. ok thanks heaps, so do you have any of the axle kits for $250 left?

  14. Hey

    Just wondering when you will be getting more of the steer tube spacers in? And how much is one posted to Canberra, belconnen 2615?


    1. should be before the end of the week will calculate shipping if you put in all the details

  15. Is the Slide Star V3 Aluminium sleeve Axle Kit wider then the stock axle on the Huffy Slider?

    1. yes the axle is longer….the outside of the kart rims is the same as the outside of a huffy slider with green machine wheels on it! this gives more room between the seat and the rims there are photos of the red trike next to a stock huffy on the facebook page in the photo album!

  16. Meu nome é Glebson , gostaria de saber se vcs vendem o tricke completo e entregam no Brasil.

    1. Desculpe não nesta fase as peças que eu faço seel caber trikes Huffy

  17. hey mate, just wondering when u will have more rear axle set ups

    in stock. me and a couple of mates are interested

    1. Hi matt these products are in the store !

  18. hey, what length and diameter of spokes did you use for the bika hub convert on your slider? also any idea when restock of the jet black 1 1/8″ headset convert?

    1. I used my BMX technician to determine the length because the cross patterns as well as rim inside diameter will have a impact on spoke length

  19. HI
    Do you sell complete trikes ?
    if not were will i be able to get them from ?

    1. Mad Azz Trikes but make sure You Tell Him I sent You in his Direction!!!

  20. Hi i was wandering when you would be getting the Slide Star V3 axel kits back in stock and how much would postage to sydney be?

    1. I hope in the next 2 weeks but it is out of my control please be patient and I will post it on the slide star facebook page. thanks

  21. hi where abouts are u in melbourne?

    1. Western suburbs

  22. hey dude,
    i was just wondering when you would have your complete rear axle set up back in stock?
    P.S can you do any custom setups?? such as stretched tyres???

    1. the axle kits are available email info@slidestar for a quote regarding the stretched tyres!

  23. If I buy a pair of Edward future rims will I need an extended axel?

    1. yes the axle sizes are different

  24. hey bro, if i buy a set of edward future wheels, will they fit a standard slider axel or will i have to buy an extended axel?

  25. Hello just wondering if I could order a rear end complete kit. Made for the crane rear ends. I am Melbourne based and would pick it up upon completion.


  26. can you ship here in the Philippines guys? thank you so much! i appreciate your reply..

    1. email with the products that you desire and I will investigate the possibility ! thanks for your interest

  27. hey guys, i’m building a drift trike need to know where to buy a hub for the front end so I can pedal, the pegs just aren’t cutting it anymore. I’ve found nimbus unicycle hubs online from the uk.. but was hoping on something local from Australia.. please help

    1. in the next couple of months there will be a product to buy!

  28. Hi i was just wondering if you sell forks?

    1. I can sell you a fork but its only a peg front no pedals has a quick release shimano hub and 36 spoke blue rim that was on the gravity trike

  29. Will the conversion cups for the forks work with a 1 1/8″ threaded fork?

    1. The product is designed to install a 1 1/8 inch thread less fork on a huffy slider drift trike

  30. When will the v3 set up for the huffy be in stock? Cheers

    1. In the process of getting more made and there will be more benefits to the new version! Stay tuned………

  31. When will the v3 axle set up for the huffy be in stock?

    1. In the process of getting more made and there will be more benefits to the new version!

  32. Hey bud just wondering when you will have more Edwards kart rims and tyres in stock

    1. order was placed today and will be 7-10 days before I have them cheers JB

      1. Thanks bud if you can let me know when the tyres and rims are in stock that would be awesome as I will purchase a set of those and the stub axles at the same time.

  33. I have a huffy green machine dual stick slider. Do you guys offer a axle for this type of slider?

    1. Yes we do! But at the moment that axle is out of stock.We are in the process of getting more kits made! would you like kart wheels or some original type of wheel with bearings inside it ?

  34. Awesome, Yes kart wheels is what I`am looking to run. This is more of a boardwalk trike for show and looks. Could you please email the link for the axle and by chance does the new axle give me more length then the stock axle? BTW Aaron from Madazz sent me

    1. yes the axle kit makes the huffy wider

  35. want disk set up.front. price please. i am founding member with jake of boss sydney who were @ tamworth in weekend

  36. Hi mate just wondering with the 17mm stub axles are you able to supply the steel hub for a cost? Would be interested in the pair for a custom axle I’m making.
    Also any future plans of selling front disc brake setups?

    1. There is alloy hubs in the Slide Star store and triad trikes Syndicate model will be available soon they have a hydro disc brake and 36 spoke double wall rim

  37. Were are you are you based in AUSTRALIA please tell me if you are

    1. We are in Melbourne Australia.

      1. Whats the address mate? Im going to buy wheels and i want to pick up , ?

        1. Pick up is by appointment its best to contact us by email or make the order with local pickup and we will contact you to make a time

  38. G’day, with the $30 stubs, do they fit into huffy axle (or same diameter tube)? cheers

    1. the stubs are not designed to go directly onto a huffy but get welded to your own custom axle there are other products to fit the huffy rear tube

      1. So what is the diameter of the welding part? As I need to sort out tubing

  39. Hi im a new triker and was just wondering if you could inform me of any event happening in nsw?

  40. Hey guys,

    Was just wondering if the triad wheel is a direct replacement to the huffy slider wheels? I bought one yesterday rode it for 5 minutes at most and the wheel tore itself off the axel. Trying to find a replacement for now till i go crazy with customizing it with gokart rear ends etc.

    Thanks have a good xmas 🙂

  41. hey dude, love sliding! just buy a set of triad wheels off slidestar sight, then grab the axel conversion kit…i think about 100 dollars inc post? hope this helps:)

  42. hey mate just wondering if u have any more trikes left the one that is 249 plus a triad axle and wheels to fit huffy slider

  43. hey jb i send you a email regarding the stock of the axle kit for huffy with edward rims and tyres and was wondering when you wil have stock of that kit. thanks lockie

    1. back in stock now!

  44. hey jb, ive been trying to get hold of you about the huffy axle and edward rims and tyres ….i am looking at buying it but was wondering about postages cost to new zealand if you could email me back with a price that would be great. thanks lockie

    1. All products have shipping calculated via the Australia post system put the products you desire into the Cart and down the page is a calculate shipping icon”click” that and enter your details.
      Orders outside of Australia do not incur “TAX” charges

  45. When will you get more blue underworld triads

    1. Triad Underworld Trikes will be back in stock some time in April.
      Please keep an eye on the Facebook page for update or keep an eye on the store for stock

  46. About the triad conversion kit for the axle, does it bolt in to huffy slider?

    1. The Slide Star to Huffy Triad axle upgrade Installs directly onto the Huffy. No welding needed!
      It also makes the width of the trike 120mm wider than the standard axle with Triad Wheels

  47. Do you have 20mm hubs instead of 17mm y need the streched rims with a 20mm hub

    1. I will check with the Bearing Manufacturer for compatible sized bearings with 20mm inside diameter

  48. hi guys,

    I am an amateur drift triker with my own set up, this is nothing to do with your site I am just simply looking for a club or organisation I can join, and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction? the only one I can find in oz is…

    please help I am in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne

    1. On Facebook there is many groups but Melbourne Drift Trikes is one to check out!

  49. We got a lil crew going in western sydney hit me up

    1. Hi
      Do you have a Facebook group?

  50. Hi JB just wondering if I can buy the axle tube extensions by themselves rather than the whole Slide Star (Steel) V2 Axle Kit. I already have an axle but I’m using the original plastic extensions.

  51. Any one slide around Newcastle NSW?? Need to get a crew together locally.
    Email me at:
    Or like my facebook page: Hunter Drift Trikes


  52. Hey man, just curious as to hoe the huffy head tube conversion kit works, it’s got me totally stumped haha. thanks

    1. The kit is installed on the frame and allows installation of a BMX 1 1/8 fork on a Huffy slider frame because the original huffy fork is 1 inch thread-less

      1. Hey man, just bought the bearing cups and tool, im assuming i turn the box inside out to send it back?

        1. You can put it in a Pre Paid post satchel with some bubble wrap!
          Or the box!

  53. Hey jb do you stock a front wheel upgrade for the huffy slider as the standard wheels buckles really easy
    Cheers mate

    1. in the next month we should have options for front wheels, Hang in there in the mean time I would have a wheel with more spokes but 2nd hand

      1. Awesome can’t wait at all then I will have a half descent set up I feel 🙂
        What’s the second hand one you have?

  54. When will the blue Hub and the black sleeve triad wheels come back in stock?

    1. should be before the end of the month

  55. Hey guys, just wondering if you’d have an underworld front wheel & hub to sell seperatley & do they go on huffy slider forks? Or something similar, the huffy wheels aren’t too strong. Prices would be good too. Thanks.

    1. We are waiting on front wheels. Its most likely that they will be disc brake 36 spoke arrival date is set at the 10th of May. Keep an eye out on the Facebook page! cheers JB

  56. Hay how long do the POV performance tyres last for are they made out of PVC ???

    Cheers Nick

    1. POM is harder than PVC and slides better! time it takes to wear out all depends on application and road surface

  57. The second hand go kart wheels you are selling for $130 do u get two wheels in that or just one

    1. The product is for a Pair.

  58. Had a peddle come loose and striped out crank arm on a slider need to upgrade when will u guys have them in stock? Do i need to purchase peddles as well? Do u sell as a set? Thank you

    1. We have pedal cranks and I do have some pedals. in box us

  59. R crank arm aftermarket? ? Or stock ?? Whats cost on everything

    1. The cranks we have in stock are after market constructed of alloy and vary in length any more questions contact us via

  60. where do you buy one from and do you deliver to new Zealand

    1. they will be available in the next couple months but I will ship a Syndicate to NZ if you want one!

  61. Hi I’m after a V4 complete axle kit and am located in Wellington, New Zealand. Are you able to ship these across the ditch ? If I could get a rough estimate of the price of this item shipped to my door that would be great. Cheers.

    1. The website will calculate the shipping
      click the calculate shipping icon in the shop cart

  62. Any idea when the Underworld Sliders will be in stock? My sons birthday is next week – help!

    1. Sorry its the 10th june unfortunately its out of my hands

  63. Hey, how long do you reckon it will take for you guys to send wheels out to NSW thanks

    1. NSW australia post 3-3 days

  64. Hey i was wondering if you do green and blue for the Triad Underworld Drift Trike

    1. the colours are as on the website!
      You would need to buy 2 underworlds to swap the colours around as desired

  65. Hey just wondering when you are getting the Fork Conversion Cup Kit for Huffy Slider back in stock or where else I can buy it?

    1. problem solved!

  66. HEY WANT TO GRAB A SET OF THE Slide Star-Triad Kart wheel Stealth Stubs how long to u think ur back in stock thanks guyz

    1. As soon as we can! sorry to hold anyone up.

      1. Hi just wandering if you have an eta on these stubs?

        1. changed product to the new edition tonight!

          1. Thanks, do you happen to have any in stock?

  67. Hey bro are the triad stubs still going up for sale tonight

  68. Hey guys I’m after a big white triad sticker the same as is on the triad seat on the ur face book page plz

  69. Hello,young bloke bent his 12 mm axle off his huffy slider.What replacement axles do you have,we have bought your triad replacement wheels for this application…
    Thanks Danny……

    1. I have huffy replacement axle please Email me at

  70. Hey Guys,
    New with the sliders here in Canada.Looking to pick up some stuff for a build.Is shipping to Canada a problem,its not listed as a country to ship in your shipping calculator page.Thanks

    1. Hi Chris,

      I’ve just checked in our settings and Canada will appear for you now.

  71. i would like to buy rear end huffy slider with go kart wheels on it could u please call me on 0432269001 to arange a time, place, and, cost, or email me your contact details thanks!

    1. at this stage we have some display trikes with kits if that is of any interest to you?

  72. Hi guys,

    Thanks for sending me my order (#1673) so promptly. However, I was bummed when I found that the holes in the POP wheels you sent me were too small for the standard spacers and bolts. Had to buy a drill and a drill bit … but it another addition to my trike toll kit.

    The stickers were cool though …

    Can you sort out the holy issue?



    1. The issue is that the POM sleeves were from the first shipment because that was all the ones I had and the last in the country
      The smaller holes are fine for my hubs they have smaller holes
      I could have rejected your order but I didn’t want to dissapoint you

      Cheers JB
      Any issues can be raised at and I can reply much quicker

  73. hi guys,

    having hassles to order as a returning customer. Also no password recognition. Unable to reset also.

    bummer … no sale 🙁

    1. just do the order as a guest!

  74. Hello I was just wondering will the triad wheels fit on huffy sliders stock axle.

    1. Yes the conversion kit comes with washers and spacers to install the triad wheels on a stock huffy slider,green machine,crane and more trikes!
      The slide star upgrades for triad wheels are a snug fit and reduce any wobble that the standard huffy axle may experience

      1. thankyou

  75. Hi, do you ship to Norway?

    1. Depends on what products contact via

  76. how can i use a triad disk brake setup for a ss racer frame. will the triad fork fit through the tube b the tube is really long do i cut it can u plz help me out asap

    1. If the SS racer has a 1″ 1/8 fork as standard the triad fork will work.
      The triad fork comes with a new bearing set included
      Some adjustments will be needed to either space up the stem or adjust the fork tube to suit the stem tube
      Triad forks have been installed on all brands of trikes including huffys,fatbitch,duck life,crane, just to name a few

  77. how can i tell if its a 1? 1/8 fork how can i measure it to find out

  78. Hey jb,
    I was wondering if you will get anymore machined alloy Edward future rims?

    1. machined replenished stock is up to date! cheers JB

  79. Hey jb how long is it gonna take for my order to be shipped, and do you you have any other wheel set ups orher then the one on her.. call me on 0402490399 cheers, nathan

    1. Express shipping is subject to Australia post conditions but usually 1 day to capital cities

  80. If I buy triad commander v brake forks will they fit strait onto huffy frame?

    1. You will need the Slide Star fork conversion kit to fit triad forks on a huffy slider

  81. Have: Huffy Slider. Want: wheel conversion kit.
    Question 1: 1 wheel assembly and parts only, or is it a PAIR of wheels and parts to convert completely?
    Question 2: You show nil stock on everything. What’s the go for back-ordering?
    … and finally, because I’m flying in from Perth, Western suburbs is Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melton and Wyndham yeah? Just so I can plan my trip


    1. -Triad wheel conversion kit has spacers to install the 2 wheels on a huffy also there is a Slide Star upgrade kit to make the triad wheels wider on the trike (Subject to availability)
      -I will go check the quantities in the website for you, was there a particular colour you would like?

      All technical questions can also be answered by contacting

      -Wyndham will narrow the location area for you

      We also answer questions via Social media

      No worries JB

  82. Hey jb, just wondering if the green and mean axle conversion will fit the new target brand Southern star drift trike.

    Keen to get back into the fun.!!!!

    1. No it will not fit!
      The tube on the Southern star is longer than a huffy and shorter than a green and mean / crane its no where really

      cheers JB

  83. Slide Star V4-Black Axle Kit for Huffy Slider™ with Edward Rims and Tyres

    Question, if I buy this combo will it directly bolt to H.slider? seems silly but just want to check there’s no welder needed.

    Also, can stretched tyres be included in the package??


    1. the kit fits with no welding.
      Theres no change of getting stretched wheels in this axle kit but they will fit the axle system

  84. hey. how much is it to ship to New Zealand Christchurch

    1. shipping calculator in the cart will calculate the shipping cost

  85. Just wondering if the triad front wheel sets will fit a Huffy Slider


    1. Yes the triad Cartel wheel will fit in a huffy fork if the bearings on the axle are swapped out for the smaller huffy bearings.
      There is a option for this in my store Direct replacement wheel option

      cheers JB

  86. Hi JB I brought a stretched wheel kit and a triad 17mm axle stub and I selected pickup and I was not given the location of wear to pick them up.

    1. Location will be given out Via Email or Phone Number

      1. Hi I was wondering how much postage would be for Toormina NSW Please

        1. Hi Roan
          Put the products you want in the Cart and then down low in the Cart screen click the “CALCULATE SHIPPING” words and it will allow you to install the state and postcode

  87. thanks also will you be getting the genuine huffy seats back in soon pls and if so can we preorder

  88. Hi I am looking at your drift trikes I am just a bit unsure of which one would be good for me. I am 6 foot and about 80kg and I have never rode one before but I want a good quality one that will last me a while. I was looking at your Triad Underworld Drift Trike, your Triad Syndicate Drift Trike, and the Triad Notorious Drift Trike. Since I dont know much about drift trikes I am unsure of which one to buy. I was hoping for one with a disk brake (just for the reliability). I was also wondering if the pedals will spin when I am going down hill and not pedalling or if they will stay still and act as a foot rest.

    1. Hello
      The syndicate is the only Triad trike that comes with disc brakes and will adjust out enough for a 6 Ft person
      The pedal crank has a Free wheel so the pedals won’t turn unless you pedal forward

      Cheers JB

  89. I own a triad underworld, i was wondering if the stretched kart wheels and sleeves would fit a default triad frame

    1. You will need the Triad kart wheel stubs in the Slide Star store
      No welding just bolt on and GO!
      P.S. you need hubs for the stretch so go for the stretch package
      Cheers JB

  90. Hi guys, just wondering if your going to be getting anymore triad axle upgrade kits in for the huffy slider?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Theres a few display axle floating about the shed if you need them bad hit us up

  91. Hiya – Just wondering when you are going to let me know what delivery charge will be added to my order # 2282. Can make payments as soon as I know what the total charge is.


    1. I have replied to your enquiry but I received an out of the office email

  92. Just wondering if i could come and look at some front wheels if possible? i couldn’t find another way of contacting you can you email me @ thanks.

    p.s in need of a front wheel kind of asap!

    1. Our best contact is Via Email on

  93. Do you have a store in New Zealand

    1. What specific products would you like?

  94. Just wondering what gear you have that is applicable to the Southern Star Slider?

    1. We have triad front ends that will upgrade to disc brakes but no HD rear ends as the tube size is slightly different ( maybe in the future we mite )
      Its possible the Triad wheel conversion kit will fit and they have bearings in them too.

      Dont hesitate to contact us on email

  95. Hey, I was wanting to by the edward something go kart wheels but when I went to buy them the PayPal account password didn’t work, so I was wondering if I could pay in cash and pick up or something like that, the only problem is that I can’t drive to some suburbs in west melbourne because of the commute, I live in frankston so it would be a long drive.

    ~ Thanks, Matt

    1. We have bank transfer available

  96. Hey Guys i want to make a drift trike.
    Do you have any tips or tricks on what i could to do make it look great!


    1. Hi
      Keep the Steer tube rake between 60-70 degree to help with reverse entrees
      One metre is a nice width but the maximum should be 1200mm
      Wheelbase should be close to the width to keep the most stability although slightly longer can have its advantages
      Slide star has been apart of some great Trike builds over the years check out our Facebook page photos to see what others have built and then put your own twist on it

      all the best of luck and enjoy the experience
      Cheers Drift trike JB

  97. Hey just wanting to know when you will have the Stretched Rear Kart Rim Package for Triad in stock with 10′ inch Dunlop tyres?

    1. Try Now!
      thank you for your comment you can always email us on

  98. im interested in the edward kart wheels that already have tires mounted, but just worried at how long they may take to ship to canada. if you have any idea how much the shipping may cost and how long it may take to ship let me know, and i might just buy these off you guys.

    1. We can send them to you via Australia post
      What size bearings would you like ? 17mm or 5/8 inch?
      Shipping time and price will vary you should send us a email to for more detailed quote

  99. whats is the distance between the the bearing clamps on the Triad Commander Stop Flex Fork. (from inside to inside)

    1. The distance is 115mm bearing centres
      Inside to inside of the bearings is 100mm
      bearing clamps take 40mm bearings
      The Fork will work with most huffy none disc hubs before the 2014 pro series trike but will need the bigger bearings
      ( blue,white,red,green huffy sliders ) ( green machine hubs ) (Air-walk,Crane,Mambo and Momentum trikes)

  100. I live in the United States. I’m trying to place an order through your website. When I go to checkout, it only allows for a 4 digit zip code. We have 5 digits. Then it has to match some city. But it cant verify the city because it wont allow 5 digit zip codes. Yet your site says it ships to the states. What gives? Do you ship to the United States?

    1. Yes we can ship to most countries but need to manually generate quotes

  101. Hi my kids and I are looking at buying some trikes what would you say is a good one to start with and what are the weight limits.

    1. Hi Ray
      Feel free to email us on but trikes come in 3 sizes and can be extended for people 6 ft and taller the countermeasure is good for kids 6 up to 12 and the underworld,notorious and Syndicate are good to 6 ft tall if thats not enough than aXL frame can be purchased for the big people

      cheers JB

  102. Just placed an order for axle stubs. Madazz said to tell ya he sent us to you! He’s a Good Man ay!

    1. Cheers!
      Thank You Azz!

  103. What type of headset will work with your forks?

    1. Any 1-1/8 bearing set!

  104. i cant order these forks? it says i need a 4 digit post code an i have that please help apparently there you last ones!!!!

  105. Do you Sponsor riders?

  106. Hi I recently emailed you in regards to regular order kits. Is email the best contact for You

    Thanks jesse

  107. when you order the rear 2nd hand wheels for the trike for $130 is that for the pair or per wheel as it doesn’t clearly specify.

    jake brown

    1. Yes its a pair


    1. As soon as we have them you will know its in the works

  109. hey i was wondering
    1 can you get free stickers
    2 how can you get a coupon

    1. If you buy products from our store you will get stickers!
      Coupons are available with a brief email to me JB via

  110. Hi there. I was after a Huffy Slider to Triad Axle upgrade kit ? Do you have any in stock ? Thanks,

  111. hi there how much is it to post your 9 inch streached karts to nelson nz and are they new

    1. Yes they are Brand New with Slide star exclusive flat face lip for rim stickers

      shipping is a hard one to calculate accurately
      I would need your exact Post Code because there is 6 diff numbers for Nelson
      Drop us an email on for a accurate quote

      cheers JB

  112. What days are you pen and what time till?

    1. its all online but you can contact us on to arrange a appointment

  113. could you please help me .
    i am wanting to get the PVC pipe to go over the mini stretched wheels for the triad
    what size do i need and where can i get some , preferably pre-cut
    thanks NIDGE

    1. You can send an inquiry to or post up on the Melbourne Drift Trike Facebook page or group and someone will have some in your area

  114. Hi I’ve just bought a triad xl frame and i am looking for a seat mounting bracket because I have also bought the lotus seat and I can’t find a bracket for sale anywhere – Thanks, Jack

    1. Hi Jack
      the seat mount was never sold separately
      XL frame was sold as accessory for a complete trike so that if someone was taller they could opt to get a longer frame

      Enquiries by email to will help get a faster response in the future
      I will reply also by email

      thanks for there support JB

  115. Hey, I was wondering if there was a way that I could attach triad wheels to my huffy slider axle. I have one of the older ones that came in red. Thanks

    1. The triad 49 er wheel conversion/kit has the washers and spacers to make them fit on a stock huffy
      cheers JB

  116. Hi Jb,
    I’m wanting to put a triad commander u fork on my huffy slider frame. I was wondering if I need to buy the huffy conversion cups only ($70) or the full kit ($90).

    1. You will need the bearings as well!
      This product would be best bought as a complete kit but I allow it to be bought without bearing kit because some people have the knowledge and experience to make it work with parts they already have.
      I strongly advise buying the full kit
      Cheers JB is a good way to contact us as well

  117. Just a quick question will the whopper rim fit triad forks? Just want to know if modification is needed

    1. Whoppers rims and wheels fit all triad forks.
      The “V” Brake forks may need the mounts cut off.

  118. Hey guys my kids have southern star race trikes that need new wheels what can you do for me and how much would I be looking at

    1. If you wanted a triad wheel upgrade axle kit for southern star I can make them up
      Prices would be the same as a stock drift trike to triad axle upgrade for huffy plus triad wheels or kart axle is possible on request

      cheers JB

  119. Hey guys im from sydney and im just wondering when your:

    Slide Star V4-Black Axle Kit for Huffy Slider™ with Edward Rims and Tyres

    Will be in stock next because you guys have a definite buyer for one.

    1. We should be able to knock one up in the next week

      1. Cheers man and also do u guys ship to sydney ??

  120. hi can you please call me in regards to your drifters for sale and stock levels or the possibility of upgrading our existing huffy sliders. hayden 0418 381235. Thanks

    1. you can always email me the questions and I can reply to them as soon as I get a minute

      cheers JB
      I will call soon

  121. I need a set of triad forks before this friday in wellington new Zealand. Do you think this would be possible if i were to order them and pay for them now. If so could you tell me what the total cost would be. Look forward to your reply

    1. Can be done sir no problems DHL next day to NZ is no worries

      email me your address to

  122. hi i have just bought a tektro disc brake for my triad underworld and i was wondering how to fit the brakes on but there are no mounting holes on my wheel hub.
    do you sell the part i need to complete the fitting of the disc brake to my trike

    1. you’ll need the Oath hub or a Triad disc comparable wheel like the Dynasty wheel or 50mm Ano wheel set

  123. Hi i just made and payed for an order today. It was for the mini stretch kit
    I payed for next day courier delivery I was wondering if I will get it by the weekend my order number #4137.

    1. Hi Kodi
      We try to dispatch on the day or up to 12 hrs after the order and book in for delivery for the next business day

  124. Hey when will the slide star stock drift trike to triad axle upgrade for huffy slider will be back in stock I’m looking for one

    1. We can make these to order… just email

  125. Hi casing some TRP brakes that are a little time urgent , just wanting to confirm there availability and i can get them ASAP . please feel free to call on 03 9421 0070

    1. Hi Aaron
      I called you but you were already left for the day
      The website said we have stock and we can ship ASAP express post
      cheers JB

  126. hey i was wondering what be best long term for an underworld 2 regarding wheels either the vanguard or kart upgrade


    1. Both wheels have benefits that the other doesn’t
      -Vangurd needs no air and isn’t effected by water under the slick.I can supply with 17mm bearings to interchange between karts and Vanguards

      -Karts are indestructible but still need a supply of PVC, along with the possibility of breaking sleeves mid slide and gripping up
      but the phnumaric tire does absorb some of the vibration

  127. awesome so i know what to order what axle set is that for
    thanks again

  128. Any idea when you will have the green disc triad wheels back in stock?

    Also the orange flags?

    1. Green wheels will be a couple months when the New series 3 trikes arrive and a flag I can do soon if you want one

      1. Ah ok cool going the disc option its the easy way didn’t think the flags were in stock.


  129. Hi, are the Cable Disc Brake Callipers Left and Right kit available for sale

      1. thanks for reply…have a good 1

  130. Just wondering if the kart wheel bundle for Triad will fit on a Triad Sydicate 2 as the stock axle is 15mm and not 12mm. Also will the kit fit into PVC with an inner diameter of 225mm once attached. Cheers

    1. Hi
      Great question
      So the bundle is for 12mm axle upgrades although its possible that i can make a spacer to step the axle up or I can sell you a set of karts with 15mm bearings and you can try the stock axles

      Send and email to for a more in depth and quicker reply
      cheers JB

  131. If I order 2 Airwalk 50cm Sliders tomorrow, can you confirm delivery by 16/17 Dec please?
    Can you also confirm postage cost.
    Greg Shepheard

    1. The cost and time of delivery is calculated in the store cart by your address and post code and will give multiple options although it is Christmas time so keep that in mind and maybe add 1 day to be safe

      cheers JB

  132. Hey guys was just wondering do you sell 49er slicks or will I have
    to buy complete new wheels sets ??


    1. I can sell the slicks
      In box me so I can check witch slicks because there was a production change and id like to match the slicks for the hub you have

      Cheers JB

  133. Hi ,
    I am wondering if you stock Orbit Tri-slider back wheels ? We are wanting to replace two wheels on my sons tri-slider. Or any other wheels that would work with this ?
    I can provide a photo if need be,

    1. Sorry we don’t stock this trike but don’t hesitate to send us an email with your inquiry and we will try our best to get something or make something to get you up and triking again

      Cheers JB

  134. I need to replace a set of cranks for my son’s ‘Lantern Drift Trike’.
    I have been advised the cranks are 90mm Square Tapered cranks.

    Could you please confirm if you’re able to provide this product and prices?

    1. FYI – Re-“Lantern Drift Trike”
      I am located in Craigieburn, Melbourne (3064).

      1. feel free to send me an email
        I won’t have the yellow ones but I think I can help you out
        Whats wrong with the current cranks?

        cheers JB

    2. Yes! the cranks are 89mm Cotterless or square taper its there same thing

  135. Which trikes for adults? Just chasing one mate!! Cheers mate

    1. 20 inch trikes are big enough!
      The underworld 3, notorious 3 are big enough and the bulk of the Trikes purchased but the syndicate 3 is 50mm longer than the the UW and NOT and has all the good bits like padded seat ,hydro disc,Hd wheels

  136. Hey
    When will you have anymore of the underworld 3 in black, in stock
    Is their a weight restriction also??

    1. I have 1 left
      Sorry for the incorrect stock level
      The box is marked with max 100Kg

  137. Hi
    Is the underworld 2 the same measurement chart as the underworld 3 in around the 99cm

    1. The New series 3 is same as series 2 for underworld 3 and notorious 3. The big change for 2017 is the Syndicate3 is 50mm longer to accomodate taller riders

  138. hi id like to order a 12mm replacement axle need one asap if possible

    1. send an email to

      We can help you with some axles we have removed off trikes to install our bigger kart axles

  139. HI
    when will have the airwalk pro slider back in stock ?

    I am interested in one

    thanks justin

    1. in 2018 we hope to get more in


      The Triad product dose have more features and upgradable but I totally understand the Airwalks are great value

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