Will this part fit my… Triad/Huffy/Crane/Hotwheels?

You name it, we’ve tested it! We can help you to make sure that the parts will do what you want them to. Just shoot JB an email at info@slidestar.com.au or send a message via Facebook.

Can I Pick Up Or Come Look At Your Showroom?

We operate Slide Star from home. We’d love to have space for a showroom, but our lounge room is filled with kids toys instead 😉

If you enter a Victorian post code you should have the option to choose “Local Pickup” as your shipping method. We’ll contact you to arrange a time to suits, generally after-hours or weekends work best.

Will You Tell Me How To Stretch Tyres?

This one’s tricky and can be quite dangerous. Stretching is a fine art and although you want all the answers we can’t tell you everything…. But I can give you a pointer that has helped people who are very close to seating tyres and just need a little help!

I RECOMMEND removing the tyre valve from the stem and having a continuous flow of air into the tyre when trying to seat the bead.

A much safer option is to send us your rims &/or tyres & for a small fee, we’ll do it for you (without burnt skin & singed eyebrows! Click here for details)

Does Slide Star Sell Gift Vouchers?

Yep… We sure do! You can purchase one here.

Where do I get the coupon codes?

When we have special deals we post the codes to Facebook, or send them out in our newsletter.


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My Login for Slide Star won’t work

Sometimes this comes up as a problem. The best solution is to checkout as a guest instead.

What Do I Do If I Want To Return My Items?

Check out our returns policy page.

What If I’m Having Trouble Ordering Online?

Never fear, we’re just a message away! You can jump onto Facebook & send JB a message, or email info@slidestar.com.au

What If I Don’t Have a PayPal Account?

If you choose PayPal as a payment method, you can enter your credit card details without needing to set up a PayPal account.

Or… you can choose to make a direct transfer to our bank account & we’ll send your package on it’s way as soon as your payment has cleared in the bank.

How Do I Obtain Sponsorship From Slide Star?

All sponsorship/donation requests can be forwarded to info@slidestar.com.au and we aim to give you an answer within one working week. We love to support the Drift Triking sport, but we’ve got a pretty limited budget for sponsorship. If you can show that you are passionate & willing to support us, we’ll seriously consider your proposal.